Wake Up and Smell the Glory

Draw Closer to the God of the Bible: Unlocking Spiritual Revelation with a Gospel-Centred Christian Growth Manual


Are you eager for revelations that clearly show God’s will?  This pragmatic approach to apologetics shows how Scripture applies to your everyday life.

Longing for more conviction about the Spirit’s direction?  Want real answers to thoughts like “Who am I,” “Where did I come from”, and “Where am I going when I die”?  Frustrated by religious mindsets that seem out of place in modern times?  After twenty-seven years of walking with the Lord through incapacitating injuries, miraculous healings, and the death of a child, Matthew D Smith has learned exactly how vital it is to lean on Christ.  And now he’s here to bless others with the philosophical, physical, and supernatural insights he’s discovered during his pondering on the tenets of Christianity.

Wake Up and Smell the Glory is a humble, conversational exploration of Biblical principles.  Not afraid to dig into technical details, Smith combines big questions, meticulous research, and a leavening of wit to help reveal the essence of divine truth in the Scriptures.  And by immersing yourself in his wholesome messages, you’ll immediately feel more grounded and confident in your own faith.

In Wake Up and Smell the Glory, you’ll discover:

- A clear path to hearing the voice of God so you can step into a deeper relationship with Him

- Why context and cross-referencing are crucial to unlocking hidden treasures

- Ways the Word offers practical and realistic guidance for defeating the world and thriving

- How to take your experience past the Sunday sermon and enrich every day of the week

- Ideas for reasoning through concerns, explorations of free will and spiritual justice, and much, much more!

Wake Up and Smell the Glory is a soul-salving guide to building solid Biblical understanding.  If you like thought-provoking personal anecdotes, digging into foundational ideologies, and authors who don’t shy away from big issues, then you’ll love Matthew D Smith’s Spirit-led teachings.